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13 Reasons Why Toolkit Available

For youth, parents, educators, clinicians, and the media.

You may know that the second season of the Netflix series, 13 Reasons Why was released at 3 AM today.

Many teens may start to view this series shortly (or may even "binge watch" it all at once).

The first season prominently featured themes of suicide, sexual violence, bullying and substance abuse.

There was a documented increase in teen suicides associated with viewing this series.

Teens with a history of trauma may be particularly vulnerable to being "triggered" by viewing graphic scenes of violence such as those portrayed in this series.


In preparation for Season 2, members of professional organizations have developed a 13 Reasons Why Toolkit for youth, parents, educators, clinicians, and the media.


The toolkit is available at

Hashtag: #13RWtoolkit

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