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DDS Wait List Meeting

Event date: 9/2/2021 1:30 PM - 3:00 PM Export event

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The DDS Waiting List Meeting is a time for those on the waiting list and those who want to learn more can come and hear from the DDS Director, DHS leadership and other state agencies and programs that support people with developmental disabilities and their families.
The state of Oklahoma offers services to citizens who have developmental disabilities to improve their lives. These services are offered INSTEAD of having to go into an institution. These services are referred to as “Waivered” services and are provided in the person’s home and community. The agency that oversees these services is DHS and the division is DDS (Developmental Disabilities Services)
When a person applies for these services they are placed on a “waiting list”. Currently this “wait” is over 13 years and there are more than 5,500 Oklahomans “waiting”.
Many years ago the “Waiting List Meeting” was created with the encouragement from a family member who’s child was “waiting”. The newly hired director, Howard Hendrick, agreed, and the meetings began.
The “Waiting List Meeting” is a time for the director of DHS and DDS’s director along with other state level administrators, to meet with family members. For more than two years, Legislators have been attending as well. Families often share current situations affecting them during their time of “wait”. Then it gives the administrators a chance to help the family find services and supports to assist while the family “waits”. In addition to families meeting and speaking directly to the administrators and legislators who could possibly help, it gives the administrators and legislators the opportunity to hear what is really happening to families who are “waiting”.