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Eva Smith
Cleveland County Coordinator


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disABILITY, It's Good for Business

Coalition Information

Coalition name: Cleveland County disABILITY Coalition

Location of meeting: United Way of Norman, 2424 Springer Drive, Norman, OK

Date/time of meeting: First Tuesday of each month from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm

Mission Statement or primary goal of coalition: To enhance the quality of life for persons with disabilities with the purpose of increasing awareness of all disabilities and identifying needs and developing solutions to those needs.

Past coalition projects, awards, highlights and/or accomplishments: 

  • Produced video depicting successful employment highlighting employees with disabilities and their employers
  • Hosted multiple community engagement events to recognize and celebrate employers who hire individuals with disabilities
  • Accessibility Campaign in the City of Norman to promote awareness of citizens blocking sidewalks with vehicles and garbage cans
  • Host expert speakers on disability issues at coalition meetings

Current areas of need the group is working on: 

  • Promoting disABILITY Coalition community garden
  • All-inclusive parks in the City of Norman