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By calling 405-271-2710 or 1-877-441-0434 or emailing (please indicate your county of residence in email), Sooner SUCCESS can help you find the respite option that best fits your needs. 

What is Respite Care?

Respite service can provide a much-needed, temporary break from the often exhausting challenges faced by family caregivers.  Respite vouchers let caregivers hire another person (respite provider) to temporarily care for their loved ones.    

Respite care strengthens families, helps keep caregivers healthy, and forestalls the need for individuals requiring full-time care to move into state-financed institutions or expensive nursing home living.

Sooner SUCCESS staff can assist with finding resources and information about Respite programs.

To address a consistent need for Respite Care across the state, Sooner SUCCESS coordinates the Lifespan Respite Grant Voucher Program, funded by ACL AoA and operated by DHS Aging Services.

The Lifespan Respite Grant Voucher program may be able to help!

Respite vouchers let caregivers hire another person to temporarily care for their loved ones. The Lifespan Respite Grant Voucher program provides respite services for caregivers who do not qualify for other respite programs.

Lifespan Respite Grant Voucher Eligibility Guidelines

The Caregiver:

  • Is 18 or older and is a full-time, unpaid caregiver; or,
  • Is a grandparent or other relative age 54 or younger raising a child as a full-time parent; and,
  • Does not receive respite services or payments from other programs including, but not limited to foster care, Family Support Assistance Payment, OAA Title III-E, or ODMHSAS Systems of Care funding.
  • Has an annual household adjusted gross income limit of $125,000.

The Care Receiver is an Oklahoma resident:

  • Age birth to 59 who needs help with activities of daily living (ADL) in order to stay at home in the community or who has neurological and organic brain dysfunction such as multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy  or traumatic brain injury; and,
  • Does not qualify for respite services or payments through any other program including, but not limited to, DHS Developmental Disability Services, SSI-DCP, OAA Title III-E, ADvantage waiver program, Medicare-funded home health services or hospice.

Where Can Respite Care Happen?

Respite care can be provided in the caregiver’s home, someone else’s home, a center-based program or care center, such as an adult day services center or nursing facility, as long as agreed to by the caregiver and respite care provider.

Who Can Be A Respite Care Provider?

  • The respite care provider can be anyone the caregiver chooses such as a family member, friend, church member, center-based program or care center.
  • The respite care provider must:
    Be age 18 or older; 
    Have a social security number and social security card
    Not live in the caregiver's home; and

How Does the Lifespan Respite Voucher Program Work?

  • Caregivers contact may call 405-271-2710 to start the application process
  • Eligible caregivers receive up to $300 worth of respite vouchers to be used within a 3-month period.

“One person caring about another represents life's greatest value.” ~ Jim Rohn

The Lifespan Respite Grant Voucher program is funded by the ACL AoA, monitored by DHS Aging Services and operated by OUHSC Sooner SUCCESS.

Lifespan Respite Voucher Program

Watch this Video to Learn about Lifespan Vouchers

Respite Training

Call Sooner SUCCESS at 405-271-2710 or 1-877-441-0434 or e-mail and we will help you find the service provider or agency that best fits your needs.

Sooner Success has a goal of Educating & Training Parents, Respite Providers and Daycare Staff on how to be more inclusive and best practice when working with people with disabilities and Special needs.  Please call or e-mail if you are interested in having a training in your area.