Facts about Sooner SUCCESS

What is the purpose of Sooner SUCCESS?

The purpose of Sooner SUCCESS is to promote a comprehensive, coordinated system of health, social and educational services for Oklahoma children and youth with special needs...in their Community.  Sooner SUCCESS addresses barriers by promoting community capacity and infrastructure spread in communities and at regional and state levels. 

How much of the state is currently covered by Sooner SUCCESS?

Sooner SUCCESS offers Statewide Resource Information and Referral for families that have a child with special needs. Additionally Sooner SUCCESS covers 19 counties with coordinators to date and these counties cover over half of the children in the state.

How is Sooner SUCCESS different from other state programs in Oklahoma?

Sooner SUCCESS is unique in its focus and ability to coordinate the different elements at both a community and state level.

A.  It brings together agencies, parents and providers with an interest in children and youth services  though coalitions- particularly services for children with special needs.  In addition, Sooner SUCCESS succeeds in joining together existing coalitions for the purpose of achieving greater efficiency and closing existing service gaps.

B. It provides direct service navigation to families allowing Sooner SUCCESS to identify service needs for coalitions - enabling them to become more aware and motivated to seek solutions for families.

C. It nurtures and facilitates community and state efforts to address their needs through local and State initiatives.  This is done by providing state agencies and universities with expertise about community and family experiences for the purpose of identifying additional public and private funding resources.

D. It provides accurate information to the local communities and the state on both the needs of children and the impact of the community efforts.