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Public input sought for survey to look at services for intellectual or developmental disabilty and co-occurring mental/behavioral health challenges

Please complete this survey if you live in Oklahoma

Dear Community Partner,

Working with a grant from the Developmental Disabilities Council, the State of Oklahoma Department of Human Services (DHS) has asked the University of New Hampshire's Institute on Disability (IOD) to conduct a survey of how the current service system in Oklahoma serves individuals with an Intellectual and/or Developmental Disability (IDD) and a co-occurring mental/behavioral health challenge.  This survey is designed to look at the services currently available in your state and where they might need to be strengthened or improved.  We are hoping to collect as many responses as possible from individuals in any aspect of the service system (families, child welfare, mental health, IDD services, education, drug/alcohol treatment, hospitals, justice, etc.), so please take a few minutes to complete this survey by clicking on the link below.  Our goal is to collect approximately 700 responses from individuals across the state, so please forward this link to as many people within your organization and/or contact list as possible and ask them to complete it and forward it as well.

State of Oklahoma Community Service System Survey

If you have any problems with the link, please feel free to email and she will be happy to assist.

We sincerely appreciate your help as we work together to improve services in Oklahoma for individuals with IDD and their families.  Thanks for your time.

The IOD Team