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Local Group Stitches Blankets for those with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Local Group Stitches Blankets for those with Autism Spectrum Disorders

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Weighted blankets like those sewn by a local group may help children living with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) get a good night’s rest.

The blankets weigh approximately eight pounds thanks to small washable pellets sewn into quilted sections of the blanket. The blankets are known to provide gentle deep-tissue pressure for those with sensory issues often associated with ASD.

Tonda Ames, Tulsa and Rogers County Sooner Success Coordinator for University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center, met with the “Krazy Stitchers” of Oklahoma Home and Community Education (OHCE) last month.

She presented the Sooner Success program and explained it targets children with special needs and provides various services for families.

Mary Bacon, Krazy Stitchers president, told Ames she and other members were sewing weighted blankets but have not been able to do many, because of the cost.

Seeing a need, Ames set up a GoFundMe account and received $225, which she presented to the Krazy Stitchers to fund the pellets for the blankets. Rogers County Coalition also made a donation to purchase the pellets.

OHCE groups have been working on several state projects since the beginning of the year through the Oklahoma State University Extension office.

The Krazy Stitchers provide their time and the material needed for the blankets, but said they could do more blankets if they received more donations.

A bag of pellets costing $50 makes three weighted blankets.

Size and weight of the child helps determine the size and weight of the blanket.

Dee Childers of Krazy Stitchers said her eight-year-old relative that has autism sleeps all night long with the weighted blanket because it is like being, “tucked-in.”

The current goal is to produce 20 blankets but the group will start with five. Those will go to Project CEEP of Claremore Schools, a consortium of special education teachers.

Those wishing to donate may visit the “Weighted Blankets for Autistic Kids” GoFundMe page at