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Waterstone Private Wealth Management Character Coins in Action at Claremore Westside Elementary

Students and Teachers see a difference

What is Character Coin?

Character Coin is a recognition symbol given to acknowledge a positive character trait.

Where does funding come from for Character Coins?
Funding for Character Coins come from businesses, corporations and organizations that are seeking ways to promote positive character within their communities and states and the world at large.

Are Character Coins a religious or political program?
The Character Coin program focuses on rewarding positive behavior and character of others with no regard to race, religion, or political preference. Character Coin is a universal concept to recognize the positive attributes of others.

Why recognize the positive character traits?
When recognizing another for an act of good character we reinforce the value in others and ourselves that “like begets like”. Focusing on the positive creates more of the same.

What are some positive character traits to look for?
*Truthful * Caring * Responsible *Reliable *Fair *Courageous *Compassionate *Open Minded *Generous *Initiative *Grateful *Loyal *Forgiving *Helpful *Joyful *Respectful *Charitable *Determined *Enthusiastic *Gentle *Creative *Patient *Obedient *Tolerant *Faithful *Flexible *Sincere *Dependable *Considerate

Who can order Character Coins?

Any business, corporation, or organization in Rogers and Tulsa counties that are seeking an exciting opportunity to promote the positive character traits and values of the people around them can order the coins.