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Collinsville Downtown Inc. hosting Health and Wellness Fair

April 14: tentative date

We would like to host a health and wellness fair in Collinsville. We are inviting all health related businesses in town to take part in this event. We are hoping to make more people aware of all of your services, especially newcomers to Collinsville. We have a tentative date of Saturday, April 14, 2018 from 10a - 2p. It will be held in the Veterans Building.

Businesses are encouraged to bring any literature about your services, possibly little handouts for kids or adults that you may have and if anyone who wants to go to the extreme of little demonstrations (if there is room and depending on the demonstration) or quick exams of some sort, that will be up to you. We have approximately 12 businesses in town that are health related and we believe that many should fit into the Veterans Building easily.
To receive a registration form, contact Kim Miller. The form can be dropped off at the  CDI office or call and make arrangements for us to pick it up for you.

We would like to have all participant forms in as soon as possible, but by February 23rd at the latest so we know how many will be involved. And maybe we can try to get together at that point to figure out how much room everyone will require at the fair.

Thank you,
Kim Miller, Program Manager of CDI