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DHS New Debit Cards for Custodial Persons

Watch your mail for card

From DHS:

Watch your mail closely for a plain white envelope with an Oklahoma debit card inside. All customers (even those with direct deposit) need to pin the card when it arrives.

Pinning a card requires you go online at https://www.goprogram.com/ to create a User ID and log into the system. Money has been loaded on cards before they are mailed. If you do not pin your card within 90 days, the money will be returned to the state.

If you have a DHS EPPICard, keep your card until it expires.
New DHS Way2Go debit card (brown oil well)
January 6, 2016 – DHS debit cards will start mailing to:
• Direct deposit customers;
• Customers with an expiring EPPICard; and
• People receiving any of these DHS services: State Supplemental Payment * TANF * Adoption Services * Foster Care * State Tax Rebate * DDS Family Assistance * Energy Assistance

This DHS debit card will be used for child support payments until the Child Support Services card is issued. Keep this benefit card even when the CSS card arrives.

Direct Deposit Customers: You must pin your new debit card and use that account number to set up, change or cancel direct deposit.

New CSS Way2Go debit card (blue horse statues)

February 2016 – CSS debit cards will start mailing to customers currently receiving child support payments.

Does CSS have your current mailing address? Contact CARE immediately at 800-522-2922 to verify your mailing address.

If you receive both child support and DHS benefits, you will have two debit cards. It is important to keep and pin both cards.
Federal law prohibits DHS assistance benefits from being used in certain locations. Child Support debit cards do not have these restrictions.

What happens to child support money on the debit cards?
• EPPICard balances will move to DHS card when the EPPICard expires.
• Neither DHS nor EPPICard balances will move to the new CSS card.

Do not destroy any card with money on it.

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