Sooner Success Research and Policy Team


Sooner SUCCESS has a Research and Policy Team. Through the discipline of public health (epidemiology, biostatistics & health-care policy), health services research (navigation & referral models) social and behavioral sciences (social networks & individual/community psychology) and GIS (geographic information system), we continue to work towards further development and explicit understanding of the needs of children with special health-care needs (CSHCNs), individuals with disabilities and their families. We also focus our efforts on methods to ascertain the barriers, our target population and other sub-populations face in the community in the midst of accessing their health-care needs. To keep our research decisively evidence-based, we will be continuously evaluating our processes and outcomes. This will help us meet the needs of CSHCNs and our stakeholders efficiently.  Conclusively, impact evaluation will help advise and assist with system changes and policy at the state level.

Sooner SUCCESS in Oklahoma

Community Needs Assessment

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Healthcare Transition

Five-year state Focus to promote transitional health for children and youth in the state of Oklahoma

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