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Sooner Success

940 N.E. 13th Street, Suite 4800, Oklahoma City, OK 73104

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Assistance for Families


Call Sooner SUCCESS at 405-271-2710 (toll free 877-441-0434) or e-mail and we will help you find the service provider or agency that best fits your needs.


Who We Serve 


Sooner SUCCESS is a community based service available to any child, birth to age 21,  with special needs.  Their  needs can be physical, developmental,  emotional, behavioral, or due to abuse/neglect. 


Sooner SUCCESS supports families in their own  communities

Too often, families who have children with special needs don’t know where to turn for services, help, or equipment.  They worry about their child’s future and about how to pay for services if they can find them.  They need information about their child’s disability or condition.  Sooner SUCCESS  connects families to  services in their community that will meet their child’s unique needs.

Sooner SUCCESS Coordinators assist families by: 

  • Discussing available resources that fit the family's unique situation.
  • Providing a county-specific resource guide of available services and supports.
  • Supporting families as they complete complex application forms for services or prepare for meetings with service providers.
  • Helping them locate specialty services – medical, counseling, speech and hearing, vision, nutrition, etc.
  • Helping them learn more about their child's needs and condition by providing printed information or links to trustworthy websites.
  • Providing materials and guidance to families as they create their own Care Notebook to organize health/education information for their child.
  • Providing emotional support during times of stress as well as recommendations for long-term peer support groups and networks.
  • Providing contact and eligibility information for critical support programs such as the Respite Voucher System, Medicaid, Sooner Start, TEFRA, and the Family Support Assistance Program.
  • Developing and organizing community projects to benefit children with special needs.  Past projects have included mobile dental clinics, home/school renovations, social/recreation events, information fairs, and health screening events.
  • Organizing local and regional training workshops for parents on special needs topics.