How Sooner SUCCESS Assist Providers

Call Sooner SUCCESS at 405-271-2710 (toll free 877-441-0434) or e-mail and we will help you find the service provider, community program or agency that best fits your needs.

Sooner SUCCESS Coordinators assist providers by:

• Providing individualized resource and referral information that providers can pass directly to individuals in need.
• Supplying resource tables for local parent education and community events to raise awareness about available resources.
• Providing a monthly opportunity to meet with other providers for sharing, collaboration, & networking.
• Supporting local efforts to draw new resources and services into the county. 
• Organizing local training workshops for professionals on special topics.
• Developing and organizing disability awareness programs and information across the county to support the inclusion of students with special needs.
• Connecting providers with parents willing to participate in advisory boards and offer the family perspective in planning meetings.
• Assisting with service gaps and critical areas of unmet need.
• Sharing information on upcoming events, new/revised regulations, technological advances, grant opportunities and new service availability.
• Participating in community groups focused on children's issues to advocate for the child with special needs perspective. 

Sooner Success
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